Rough And Bumpy Skin
What Is Rough and Bumpy Skin?

Rough and bumpy skin can appear on the face or body, and be caused by dryness and more. Our range for rough and bumpy skin includes lotion and creams that are formulated with Urea to help strengthen and moisturise the skin barrier and designed to provide hydrating, skin-soothing benefits and gentle exfoliation with ingredients like salicylic acid and lactic acid.

Why Do You Have Rough and Bumpy Skin?

Keratosis Pilaris: If your goose bumps never go away, you might have keratosis pilaris, a condition in which small, hard bumps form, usually on the upper arms and thighs. Those bumps are actually hair follicles clogged with dead skin cells.

This bumpy skin condition can crop up or get worse during dry winter days. While your instinct might be to scrub the bumps away, a chemical exfoliator with urea, lactic acid, or glycolic acid will break down the buildup and soften skin.

Dryness and Eczema: Red, itchy patches are likely caused by dry skin and eczema—which often appear on the inner parts of your elbows and knees.

Psoriasis: Raised, thick, scaly skin—the common symptoms of rough skin condition Psoriasis—can be exacerbated by stress and lack of sun exposure.

Our products we recommend for Rough and Bumpy Skin