We feel so privileged to be part of someone’s skin care journey, especially when it’s unhappy skin transformed into healed, healthy, happy skin.

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“One day after using the product the pain had lessened and I could see the skin beginning to heal. “

– Ian

“Tough Hands hand cream was an amazing fix. As a bloke, it’s got a pleasant scent and is not oily or greasy. This is the best hand cream I’ve used “

– Donni

“As a flight attendant, I wash my hands frequently on the plane too so dryness is an issue. This hand cream relieves my dry hands and leaves them soft..”

– Beatrice

“I have used it consecutively for three days and I have noticed a huge difference already! My feet are noticeably smoother and less rough. “

– Ashleigh

“Foot & Heel Balm has been my favourite foot care product as it seals the cracks on my heels fast, without leaving any greasy feeling.”

– Christine

“I’d suffered from very dry lips for years. After going to bed with your Tough Lips on, I woke up with no peeling or cracked lips!”

– Sarah