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Foot care tips for happy feet

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Everyone wants to have beautiful feet, especially during the festive season when you’re likely to bring out sandals and high heels to go out. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep your feet in tip-top shape because they take a lot of wear and tear. They support your weight and get you around, don’t they? If you want to keep your feet looking their best, you have to take steps to preserve and maintain them. Here are seven ways to keep your feet looking their best all year long:

1. Wear Shoes that Fit

Some people are on their feet more than others — for example, waitresses and those who go on long daily runs — but we should all be wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes, whenever possible. The wrong shoes will wear your feet down pretty quickly. Shoes that are too small or just rub your feet the wrong way can cause unsightly blisters and corns. You should be especially careful when bringing home a new pair. Most shoes take awhile to break in, so you shouldn’t wear those cute new heels three days in a row.

2. Soak Your Feet Often

From time to time everyone’s feet will have rough or dry skin. To keep them soft and clean, be sure to soak your feet regularly. There is a number of fancy foot baths out there, but you really just need a bucket of warm water for a good soak. You can add some olive oil and few drops of scented essential oil of your choice (rose essential oil will be great) for additional luxury. It’s best to soak your feet for, approximately, ten to fifteen minutes; otherwise, your feet will become pruned, which isn’t very effective, if you’re trying to remove dead skin.

3. Scrub

After you’ve soaked your feet for a while, be sure to give them a good scrub to smooth rough or dry areas. You can use DU’IT Tough Scrub, a excellent foot scrub to remove dirt and dead skin. The natural walnut shells will gently remove dead skin cells and massage through the rough areas. With added moisturising properties such as Vitamin E, our scrub will leave your feet clean, soft and smooth.

4. Let Your Feet Breathe

It’s a good habit to take your shoes off after you get home, so that you can let your feet breathe. Otherwise, the sweat and dirt that build up in your shoes during the day — yes, your feet sweat, even if you always wear cotton socks — will continue to wear on your feet after hours. In the winter, you can also put on a fresh pair of cotton socks or slippers, especially, if you wash and lotion your feet beforehand, as the socks help lock in moisture. If you allow dirt and sweat to stay on your feet longer than necessary, you’re creating a breeding ground for athlete’s foot and other diseases.

5. Remove Your Polish

Over time, nail polish can wear down your nails. Before reapplying new polish, be sure to remove all of the old layers. If you can, let your toenails go polish-free for few hours and then, apply a polish that helps strengthen your nails.

6. Trim Your Nails to a Suitable Length

Broken and ingrown toenails aren’t just unsightly — they’re also painful. To prevent these ailments, make a point to regularly trim your toenails. Just be sure not to make the nail too short, as this can also cause discomfort.

7. Foot cream treatment

If you want your feet to feel baby soft, you need to invest in a good foot cream or foot balm. In general, your feet need a thicker cream than the rest of your body, as the skin on your feet is also thicker. Choose a cream with Vitamin E and Urea to keep your feet at their smoothest. We suggest using our intensive DU’IT Foot & Heel Balm Plus or Roll-A-Balm. Containing a triple action formula to repair, moisturise and protect your feet, you’ll have smoother, softer heels within 5 days.  Suitable for people with diabetes and sensitive skin, all you have to do is apply a small amount 2-3 times a day (preferably at night). Your feet will feel much softer when you wake up in the morning.


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  1. I like that you mentioned to make sure you take your shoes off when you are at home so your feet can breathe. That way, the sweat and dirt build up won’t be too bad. I am trying to take better care of my feet this year, so I have been looking for tips. I will definitely start taking my shoes and socks off when I get home so I can make sure they don’t collect too much dirt.

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