Mechanics hands are difficult to get clean. DU'IT can help remove grease and oil

How to get car grease off hands

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If you are a car mechanic, your hands, fingers or nails will inevitably be stained with motor oil or grease during mechanical repairs. Car grease and oil stains can be tricky to remove from mechanics’ hands. Particularly when this grease is extremely sticky, it causes not only a slight skin discolouration but also a health issue – poisonous chemicals can enter your body during eating from your palms and hands.

In this case, simply wearing gloves or cleaning hands with sugar solution or dish soap and water might not be effective. In today’s topic, we cover some of the various tips & methods that people use to effectively remove car grease from their hands on the job.

How To Choose The Right Products for Mechanic Hands?

Dirty hands covered in car grease

With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the most suitable solution for your greasy hands. Therefore, to help you target the best one for your preferences, the following factors have to be considered.

Tip 1: Oil Cutting Efficiency 

The first thing is to pick a cleaner that is able to eliminate all kinds of grease, oil, and dirt from your hand. There are some cleaners available on the market which might smell extremely attractive but don’t actually work. Although some cleaners available on the market smell relatively attractive, they don’t perform well at removing grease stains – so try to stay away from those. We should pay more attention to ingredients, as the main purpose is to get a fully cleaned hand.

Walnut shell is one of the best ingredients that can remove and fight oil and grease effectively.  For over 30 years, walnut shell has been widely used in a range of natural body care products like hand cleaners, peeling creams and lotions, hand exfoliants, etc. It has great power to eliminate all kinds of stubborn dirt, oil and grease from your hands and loosen up the bonds that it had on your skin, as well as cleaning under fingernails. Apart from that, it helps stimulate blood circulation to promote healthier and smoother skin. If you find a hand scrub/cleaner that contains walnut shell ingredients, this is a good reason to purchase it as a priority.

Tip 2: Safety

It is worth mentioning that in order to improve the effectiveness of hand scrubs/cleaners, certain products use harsh chemicals which could damage your skin. It is important to check the product’s ingredient label and search for solvents, parabens and petroleum. If you see any of them on the label list, try to avoid these products even if it is just the free samples you received.  This is because these ingredients in the long run may cause irritation or cacogenic properties to your skin and health in the future.

Tip 3: Moisturisation

If your skin tends to be dry or sensitive, a moisturising hand cleanser may work for you. The top layer of our skin is called the stratum corneum and acts as a key protective layer. However frequent hand washing with repetitive exposure to water, soap and skin cleansers can disrupt this layer. Once your stratum corneum or uppermost layer of skin is damaged, your hands can become flaky and red, and absorb harmful oil and grease easily. In that case, it can be much harder to get stains off your hand.  

It is helpful to use a hand moisturiser after handwashing, but what can benefit your skin, even more, is a cleaner that moisturises skin while scrubbing. Dry and sensitive skin needs ingredients that offer higher concentrations of emollients and humectants like vitamin E, glycerine and urea. Ingredients like vitamin E not only hydrate the skin but also promotes skin healing and calm down redness.

Clean Mechanic Hands With A Hand Scrub

DU'IT Tough Scrub is great for removing car grease

Since oil, engine grease and lubes are very sticky and can be caked in different areas, having a hand cleaner with a scrubber or pumice is a great choice for sure. DU’IT Tough Scrub is a 3 in 1 hand scrub which is renowned for removing tough stains, dirt, oil and dead skin from hands. It comes with walnut shell, glycerin, vitamin E and other skin-nourishing ingredients, DU’IT Tough Scrub is an extremely effective hand scrub for buffing away car grease on your hands without causing skin dryness in the process.

In addition, the best part of this product is the hand scrub doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that may damage your skin. It is completely free from solvent, parabens, petrolatum, steroids and other harmful chemicals and completely safe for all skin types and sensitive skin.

Easy Steps on How to Clean Car Grease Off Your Hands

Follow DU'ITs steps to cleaning car grease off your hands

Once you’ve picked out the right product, following the below steps will help clean greasy mechanic hands, safely and effectively.

Step one

Wet your hands and rub bar soap in your hands immediately after a mechanical repair. Please make sure to wash through whole hands, and try to get rid of car or bike grease as much as possible.

Step two:

Squeeze a small amount of Tough Scrub onto your hands with water. Massage properly back and forth, and make sure you focus on those areas where most of the dirt and grease are trapped. This usually includes the cuticles and knuckles, as well as your palm lines.

Step three:

Once stains have been removed, rinse your hands under cool or lukewarm running water. Avoid using hot water as it strips the dermis of natural oils thereby resulting in dryness and flaking.

Step four:

Apply a pea-sized amount of Tough Hands onto your hands and massage into your skin until absorbed. This ultra-hydrating hand cream contains 10% urea, which is clinically proven to greatly prevent both hands from cracking.

DU’IT Tough Scrub 150g 

DU’IT Tough Scrub is a 3-in-1 moisturising hand scrub that works as hard as your hands. This hand scrub cleans, exfoliates and moisturises the skin and contains no harsh chemicals or irritants that dry out the skin.

It cleans stubborn dirt, removes odour, grease and grime, whilst leaving your hands silky smooth.

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