Does hand cream help with wrinkles? Causes and treatment of hand wrinkles

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We all know the benefits of a good hand cream. Using a hand cream daily can keep your hands moisturised, prevent cracks and promote healthy skin. But do hand creams help with wrinkles? The short answer is yes. Before we dig further into this answer, let’s try to understand the causes of wrinkles first.

What are the causes of wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a by-product of the aging process. There are two types of aging – intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic aging

Intrinsic, or chronological aging, is a genetically determined process that naturally occurs. As people age, collagen production begins to slow down, dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly as they used to do, and turnover of new skin cells decreases. At the same time, our skin cells become less active and less able to repair damages from free radicals or other environmental factors. This process leads to the loss of support and elasticity in the middle layer of the skin, or the dermis, which cause fine lines and wrinkles. Intrinsic aging usually starts happening in a person’s 20s and is mostly an inevitable process.

Extrinsic aging

On the other hand, skin aging and wrinkles can be accelerated by extrinsic factors, which make our skin look older than its generic age. Extrinsic aging can be a result of a combination of environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Apart from fine lines and wrinkles, extrinsic aging features dark spots, hyperpigmentation, skin texture change and loss of skin volume.

Sun damage

Excessive UV exposure is the no.1 trigger of wrinkles and signs of aging. Studies show that UV-induced free radicals can break down collagen fibres in the skin and lead to reduced skin firmness. Over time this process repeats and causes wrinkles to develop.


Dehydration results from insufficient water intake, low humidity levels or the skin’s lack of nutrition. Dehydrated skin can become dry, itchy and dull looking. It can change the overall complexion and tone of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will become more noticeable. Sudden emergence of wrinkles could be a signal of your skin in need of some extra hydration.


Smoking is another risk factor for skin aging. Researchers found that smoking speed up skin aging by constraining blood flow and oxygen from reaching skin cells. It prevents skin cell regeneration and causes saggy skin and wrinkles.


When you’re feeling stressed or tired, your body releases excess cortisol, the stress hormone. It can cause changes to the proteins in your skin and reduces its elasticity. This loss of elasticity can contribute to wrinkle formation.

Apart from these main causes of wrinkles, other factors such as excessive sugar intake, imbalanced diet can also play a role. As you can see, the formation of wrinkles is a complex process, and it is caused by many different external risk factors. We use our hands all day, every day, so they can age faster than other parts of our body. Luckily, there are things we can do to prevent premature aging or slow down the production of wrinkles on our hands. One of the best solutions to hand wrinkles is using a good hand cream.

What is the best hand cream for wrinkles?

Now back to the question of anti-wrinkle hand creams. A hand cream that helps with wrinkles should tackle skin aging issues, including dry skin, sun damage, loss of firmness and pigmentation. Our Tough Hands for Her is an anti-aging hand cream specially formulated to address these skin concerns.

Tough Hands for Her 

Tough Hands for Her is hand moisturiser enriched with peptides, short chains of amino acids, which are known for their beneficial role in slowing down the skin’s aging process. Peptides act to stimulate the reproduction of collagens, which are vital to the maintenance of skin firmness. Without peptides, our skin is less intact and more wrinkled.

Blended with niacinamide, a water-soluble skin-brightening vitamin, Tough Hands for Her works to correct pigmentation, improve uneven skin tone and soften fine lines and wrinkles. It helps restore bright skin and diminishes dullness. As a highly versatile ingredient, niacinamide also strengthens the skin by repairing its barrier function deteriorated by UV exposure.

Before vs After: The skin becomes visibly smoother and less pigmented

Tough Hands for Her also contains a mixture of panthenol, a skin-tightening active, and vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. It is one of the best treatments for aging hands that promotes supple, smooth and radiant skin.

Our Australian-made anti-aging hand cream Tough Hands for Her is now also available in 3 new fragrances – Cherry Blossom, Rose and Green Tea. Each featuring a unique, uplifting scent, our Tough Hands for Her range brings your hands the ultimate indulgent hand care experience with visible effects within 1 day. Tough Hands for Her range is now available at our DU’IT e-shop.

DU’IT Tough Hands for Her 75g

DU’IT Tough Hands for Her hand cream and moisturiser is a clinically tested anti-aging dry skin hand cream for tired, overworked hands. Repairs, brightens and softens dry hands with visible effects in 1 day. It contains a powerful peptide complex that supports natural collagen and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, panthenol for firming and improving skin elasticity and niacinamide for increased skin radiance.

It’s Australia’s number 1 hand cream brand* (IRI data, Grocery & Pharmacy, 2021).

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