Preventing skin problems in salon 丨Skincare for Hairdressers

Working as a hairdresser is rewarding when your clients leave looking and feeling great. However, after many long hours at work, your own hands may need some extra TLC.

Working as a hairdresser is a highly enjoyable profession and wonderfully rewarding when your clients leave looking and feeling great. However, after many long hours at work in the salon, your own hands may need some extra TLC.

Why Do Hairdressers Have Skin Problems?

Hairdressers may suffer from Irritant Contact Dermatitis which occurs when physical or chemical damage to the barrier layer of the skin surpasses the skin’s ability to repair the damage.

Here are some causes of dry hands in hairdressers:

●      Overhydration due to recurrent exposure to water, or sweating inside your gloves

●      Contact with shampoos and other irritating chemicals like hairsprays etc.

●      Friction from hair shafts, scissors, combs and other instruments

●      Drying the skin with the use of hair dryers or other styling tools

Common skin conditions

Gardeners suffer from dry, calloused, cracked and irritated hands. DU'IT can help.

How to prevent dermatitis in hairdressing?

  1. Disposable gloves

The most fundamental way to protect your hands against skin damage during wet working is to wear disposable gloves. Wearing gloves prevents your skin from becoming wet in the first instance, and guards against other types of damage from hairdressing chemicals such as harsh bleaches and dyes.

2. Hand cream

Always apply hand cream after constant hand washing. Our Tough Hands intensive hand repair cream is a heavy-duty, functional hand cream product designed for extra dry, rough, peeling and calloused hands. Its non-greasy, triple-action formulation contains natural AHAs, which help to soften hard calluses. A superb moisturiser, UREA, works in conjunction with other moisturising actives including sodium PCA and glycerin, to deeply nourish dehydrated skin and replace lost oils from frequent hand washing during hairdressing, keeping your hands soft and smooth. This specially formulated lotion with dimethicone, Tough Hands forms a thin, protective film on the hands to protect the skin from the harsh environment, give relief to dryness and itchiness and prevent moisture loss for hours.

Tough Hands intensive hand cream also comes in a fragrance-free version. Unlike most hand lotions, Tough Hands Fragrance-Free contains no added fragrances, which makes it the best hand lotion for sensitive skin or anyone with irritable skin conditions, like many hairdressers may eventually develop. It effectively heals dry and rough skin, soothes irritation and keeps your hands soft and healthy even with repeated hand washing. Tough Hands and Tough Hands Fragrance-Free are hand creams clinically proven to deliver visible results within 1 day.

If you’re looking for a little something extra out of your hand cream, try our anti-aging formula Tough Hands for Her. It is enriched with peptides and panthenol niacinamide to promote collagen production, bringing you softer and younger-looking hands. With the added brightening agent niacinamide, Tough Hands for Her revives tired skin and reduces skin pigmentation, perfect for hairdressers.


Tough Hands
Intensive Hand Repair Cream

Tough Hands Fragrance Free
For Sensitive Skin

Tough Hands for Her
Anti-aging Hand Cream


DU’IT provides a commitment to creating safe, effective and gentle skincare products that starts with a clear checklist:
• Visible effects within 1 day
• Clinically proven
• Non-greasy, barrier protection
• Suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested
• Supported by Eczema Association of Australasia and Diabetes Australia
• Australian made and owned

Our skincare does NOT contain Parabens, Petroleum, Propylene Glycol, Harsh Detergents, Mineral Oils or Allergens or Irritants.