How often should you moisturise and what are the benefits?

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Whether you’re rushing to get ready in the morning—or you’re exhausted after a long day and just want to fall into bed—you might forget one very important thing: moisturise your skin. Using a daily moisturiser should be part of your morning and nighttime skincare routines – no matter what your skin type is. After all, adequately hydrated skin looks so soft and smooth—and who doesn’t want that?

Keep reading to find out how often you should moisturise your skin, why this skincare step is significant, plus more benefits of moisturising.

How often should I moisturise my skin?

DU'IT tough hands is perfect for dry hands

The answer to this question is simple: depending on your skin- whether you have normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin type.

Generally, we suggest applying moisturiser as regularly as 2 or 3 times a day on clean, dry skin. It’s the most commonly accepted practice because it ensures that the moisture content of your skin remains constant throughout the entire 24-hour period.

However, if you have seriously rough and cracked skin, you should directly apply moisturiser every time after showering, washing, exfoliating or any time you feel is necessary. Therefore, you can lock in moisture and prevent skin from drying out.

Why skin hydration is so important?

DU'IT's range of moisturisers can help your dry skin

The benefits of moisturising the skin are it maintains the integrity of the skin’s barrier function and is vital for good skin health. Think of the skin’s protective barrier as a wall: it blocks the bad stuff, like bacteria and environmental stressors, while preventing the good stuff, like moisture, from escaping. The fact is our skin barriers are pelted with different external aggressors, like UV rays, blue light, pollution and fluctuating temperatures, and therefore it is important to reinforce the ‘wall’ by using moisturisers to mitigate moisture loss. The main benefits of moisturising regularly include:

  • It keeps your skin hydrated, while smoothing rough and flaky skin
  • It promotes collagen production and slows down the signs of skin aging
  • It improves skin cell function and speeds up cell turnover
  • It soothes sensitive skin
  • It repairs the skin’s protective barrier which prevents toxins, pollutants, and other damaging forces from the environment to get and harm the living skin cells beneath it

What’s the best daily moisturiser for your skin?

1. Best moisturiser for your face

DU'IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream is a perfect makeup base

Look no further than DU’IT for an ultra-affordable face moisturiser. 100% Australian made and owned, VE+ Vitamin E face cream is formulated with a high potency of 12% natural Vitamin E (6 times more vitamin E than that of standard vitamin E cream) to keep your skin hydrated and protected. It soothes irritated skin, counteracts free radical damage and helps prevent water loss by sealing in moisture, leaving the skin soft, supple and glowy. The non-greasy formulation makes it perfect as a make-up base.

“I received DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream as a sample from my beauty room order. I was a little sceptical in trying this product, I guess the main reason was it didn’t come in any fancy tube or jar as most moisturisers I use do…. HOWEVER! once I used DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream I was quite blown away with how good it actually is! I love how it’s a thicker consistency and it feels as though the moisture really penetrates into my skin giving me the moisture boost I need due to this freezing Melbourne weather! I also felt like it created a moisture primer barrier under my make up… but didn’t leave me shiny or greasy! I’ve also loved using DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream at night as I love how it’s a thicker cream so I apply it on my face and neck and let it do its magic during the night. It’s quite a good little product… and quite good on price too” – Natalie123, Beauty Heaven

VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream

DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream 50g

DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face moisturiser is a high potency (120iu/g or 12%) vitamin E face cream, that contains 6 times more vitamin E than that of standard vitamin E cream, providing exceptional moisturising properties for dry skin. It neutralises free radical activity, moisturises dehydrated skin, and fine lines and guards against premature skin ageing.

2. Best moisturiser for your hands

Tough Hands Fragrance Free

Those with sensitive skin will know that gentle is best. Whether you’re prone to irritation or suffer from skin conditions, such as eczema, the key is to reinforce the skin barrier to improve its health and ability to prevent dehydration and environmental damage. Without added fragrances or any irritating ingredients, DU’IT Tough Hands Fragrance Free hand cream is specifically formulated for dry, cracked and sensitive skin.  It works to restore the skin protective barrier and repair lost oil while providing long lasting protection. ONLY in 1 day, you will see softer and smoother results.

“I’ve been using DU’IT Tough Hands for years and wasn’t aware they had brought out a fragrance free hand cream. What a great idea for those with extra sensitive skin as there aren’t many lovely hand creams out there for that demographic. Rich, soothing, hydrating and protective are words I would use to describe Tough Hands. It has a combination of hydrating, exfoliating and protective ingredients to replenish moisture losses and soften callouses. This is my go to cream with all of the hand washing and sanitising I’m doing these days.” – Nongy, Beauty Heaven

Tough Hands Fragrance Free

Tough Hands Fragrance Free 150g

DU’IT Tough Hands Fragrance Free intensive hand cream is a clinically proven, intensive strength hand cream for dry hands that works to seal cracks, replace lost oils, condition the skin and form a protective barrier to keep hands in top condition. It repairs dry, rough, cracked, irritated and calloused hands, with visible effects in 1 day. Specially designed for sensitive skin, it contains no nasties and is Australian made and owned.


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