Is hand sanitiser bad for your skin?

Is Hand Sanitiser Bad For Your Skin?

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The use of hand sanitisers has sharply increased worldwide since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Now that is has begun to settle, alcohol-based hand sanitisers are still advised for disinfecting our hands in public after encountering surfaces such as lift buttons, door handles and money.

However, do you know that prolonged use of hand sanitisers can cause dryness to your skin? Alcohol-based hand sanitiser has no doubt helped kill germs on your hands particularly when we are unable to wash our hands, however, the effects of hand sanitisers could cause problems to skin health in the long term.

Why does frequent sanitising cause unhealthy, dry skin?

DU'IT Tough Shield can relieve dryness, itchiness and cracks

Consistent use of hand sanitiser can be bad for your skin and cause irritation as most of the hand sanitisers on the market are formulated with high alcohol content. Although alcohol can remove germs and dirt, it strips the natural protective oils from your skin, causing it to dry out.

According to the guidance from World Health Organization (WHO), hand sanitisers that contain at least 60% alcohol are effective at killing germs on your hands. However, the increasing reliance on high-alcohol sanitising formulas may be leading to several skin conditions, dryness, itchiness and even cracks. Cracks that form on the skin can increase your risk of contracting infections through the fissures and also lead to skin problems such as eczema.


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How to keep your hands clean without damaging them?

Most of us have implemented hand washing and sanitising into our daily routine, but we are missing the most important step to ensure our hands stay healthy – hydration. The best way to reduce skin dryness and keep the skin healthy is to moisturise your hands every time after the use of sanitiser.

What other alternatives are there to avoid the effects of hand sanitiser?

One suggestion is using two-in-one sanitising hand creams that can tackle germs while promoting the natural conditioning of our skin. But what is it, and what are the benefits of sanitising hand cream?

Tough Shield sanitising hand cream

Our latest Tough Shield sanitising hand cream is truly a hybrid between skincare and disinfectant that works to effectively sanitise whilst simultaneously moisturising hands. 100% alcohol-free, it’s very useful for those who suffer from dryness, irritation, and eczema.

The sanitising hand cream contains the same types of active hydrating ingredients (Urea, Vitamin E and Dimethicone) found in our NO.1 selling hand cream Tough Hands, to lock in moisture, and seal cracks while forming a non-greasy skin barrier that provides protection from irritants or allergens. It’s clinically proven to repair dry, rough and irritated hands with visible effects within 1 day.

Unlike traditional hand sanitisers, Tough Shield sanitising hand cream is scientifically formulated with the antimicrobial ingredient, colloidal silver, to 100% replace irritating alcohol in the formula. This ingredient can quickly kill 99.99% of harmful germs without drying out your skin while providing up to 6 hours of continuous antimicrobial protection, ensuring your hands are sanitised and germ-free,  and your skin is kept free from allergic reactions.

“I absolutely loved this product! When I opened it for use, it smelled so good. My hands felt so soft after applying. During the pandemic, I used to use a lot of hand sanitiser and my hands always felt dry and the strong smell of alcohol also made me uncomfortable. This is definitely a game changer! When I first heard about this product, I was worried the formula would be thick and sticky. However, when actually applied to the skin It really moisturises my hands and I feel clean too, not sticky at all. It’s also a great size to be able to carry in my handbag. I really love the scent of this product, absolutely better than any hand sanitisers on the market.” – Mia, NSW

Tough Shield sanitising hand cream

DU’IT Tough Shield Sanitising Hand Cream 75g

Clinically proven, DU’IT TOUGH SHIELD sanitising hand cream is a 2-in-1 hand cream and hand sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs, fast without water. It provides up to 6 hours continuous antimicrobial protection, ensuring that your hands are sanitised and germ free, even after washing your hands.

It’s Australia’s No.1 hand cream* (IRI data, Grocery & Pharmacy, 2021) with visible effects in 1 day.

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