How to Treat Dry Skin in Autumn?

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As the leaves begin to fall and the weather starts to get cooler you may notice changes happening to your skin. It is common for people to develop dry skin during the colder months. Humidity levels tend to drop in the fall as outdoor temperatures cool down. Often, low humidity levels cause dry air which promotes dry skin and may aggravate existing skin problems such as sensitive skin. This is especially true if you’re prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin makes the skin look and feel rough, itchy, flaky, or scaly. It is also known as xerosis or xeroderma. Dry skin has many causes, including:

Cold weather: When outdoor temperatures fall, the air holds less moisture. Dry skin is more common during Autumn and Winter when humidity levels are relatively low.

Hot shower: A hot shower always feels great after coming in from a cold day, but hot showers are very harsh on your skin. Hot water removes many natural oils promoting dry, itchy skin and causing it to redden and become irritated. Taking shower frequently with very hot water raises the risk of dry skin.

Itchy skin condition: If you’ve had a skin condition that caused itchiness at some time in your life, you have a greater risk of developing excessively dry skin.

Treatment for dry skin

If your skin feels dry, tight, or rough, dive into DU’IT hydrating skincare range to nourish and relieve dry skin. Whether you have persistently dry skin or feel that your skin is dry or dehydrated in Autumn, it is important to use formulas that will help smooth, soften, and balance your very dry skin.

VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream

After cleansing your face smooth on VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream for soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

VE+ Vitamin E face cream is formulated to treat dry skin with a high potency of 12% natural Vitamin E (6 times more vitamin E than that of standard vitamin E cream) to keep your skin hydrated and protected. It soothes irritated skin, counteracts free radical damage, and helps prevent water loss by sealing in moisture, relieving dry skin, and leaving it soft, supple, and glowing.

Tough Lips

Whether your lips are dry, irritated, or chapped, defending them from external aggressors is an essential step in your daily routine.

Our Tough Lips lip balm with coconut oil and vitamin e helps protect dry skin against skin-damaging free radicals whilst also softening and hydrating dry, chapped lips.

Tough Hands

To help your hands stay in tip-top condition, apply Tough Hands hand cream throughout the day.

DU’IT Tough Hands is clinically proven to repair dry, rough, cracked and flaky skin with visible effects within 1 day. It works to seal cracks, provide intensive hydration and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, leaving your hands soft and smooth. We recommend applying a pea-sized amount onto your hands, then gently massaging into dry palms, cracked knuckles and peeling fingertips until the cream absorbs.

Foot & Heel Balm Plus

The best treatment for cracked heels is to exfoliate dead skin cells and keep your feet moisturised. It is essential before you go to bed to use a high-quality heel balm to heal your cracked heels leaving them with healthy skin.

DU’IT Foot and Heel Balm Plus is an intensive foot balm that includes a generous 25% of moisturising Urea, as well as natural AHAs to exfoliate dead skin cells, Vitamin E and Dimethicone. The cream is a great choice for hard-working feet and is clinically proven to hydrate extremely dry heels or chronically cracked skin back to health.

Tough Body

Adding body lotion to your after-shower and skin cleansing routine is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.

Tough Body is a non-greasy and lightweight body lotion enriched with Probiotics, Urea, Niacinamide and Kakadu Plum to strengthen the skin’s barrier, lock in moisture, smooth fine lines and correct uneven skin tone, leaving the skin feeling velvety soft and supple. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or oily skin. It’s clinically proven to deliver visible results within 1 day.

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