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5 baby skincare myths

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Top baby care myths: Here are some widely popular baby care myths busted with actual explanation.

Myth 1: Being super clean is the only way to prevent irritation

We all know how important it is to ensure our children’s skin is clean and healthy, but can we sometimes be ‘too clean’? Excessive cleaning can strip away your baby’s protective oils and natural flora in their skin and is often a culprit of sensitivity and irritation. This disruption to your baby’s protective skin barrier can then lead to greater problems down the track. In fact, childcare experts are encouraging parents to bath babies no more than three times a week as until they start crawling, they don’t get dirty enough to justify frequent full baths. However, washing their face, neck, hands and bottom should still be done carefully and gently every day. We recommend our DU’IT Baby 3-in-1  Wash to keep your baby clean and fresh without the worry of harsh chemicals, or the drying out of your baby’s delicate skin.

Myth 2: Moisturising all the time will improve my baby’s skin

Moisturising your baby’s skin is extremely important as baby’s skin is soft and supple, and often susceptible to dryness. Thus, moisturising is essential in avoiding skin rashes and locking in the moisture absorbed by the skin after bathing and cleansing. Make sure to apply the lotion whilst the skin is still wet, and pat dry instead of rubbing for optimal moisturising. In terms of lotion, I always look for Australian-made, trusted products that are gentle, hydrating and provide a long lasting protective barrier, retaining natural oils in the skin. Products that contain high quality ingredients like calming organic oils and plant extracts such as aloe vera, evening primrose and avocado ensure the soothing of sensitive, irritated and flaky skin. We recommend our DU’IT Baby Body moisturiser that hydrates and supports your baby’s skin natural moisture balance. Using only the kindest ingredients, our product is made from nourishing naturally derived ingredients and calming certified organic oils – natural blend of olive oil, Soybean, Aloe Vera and Tapioca Starch.

Myth 3: My baby gets too messy, so I need to scrub him or her down

Babies get messy, let’s face it, but there is no need to ‘scrub’ your baby’s skin down during cleansing. The baby’s skin is supple and sensitive during this growing stage. In fact, excessive rubbing will not only irritate the skin, but can also disrupt the growth of your baby’s own protective skin barrier and lead to greater problems down the track. As the child’s skin is so delicate, you must ensure you use products that keep your little ones fresh and clean without the worry of nasty chemicals drying out and damaging your baby’s skin.

Myth 4: I don’t need to use a barrier cream or powder on my baby’s nappy area

Nappy change cream and powder offers protection to those sensitive areas that are exposed to urine and faecal matter. Nappy rash is extremely painful and may lead to secondary infections. Antifungal medicated creams will need to be used if the nappy rash persists. If the rash doesn’t improve within one to two weeks, consult your local doctor. If a rash has developed, make sure to use change cream that contains zinc oxide, shea or cocoa butter and other regenerative properties to better soothe these affected areas. We recommend our DU’IT Baby Nappy Rash cream with 20% zinx oxide, certified organic oils and natural plant extracts It forms a thin protective waterproof barrier, that moisturises and provides instant calming and soothing relief for irritated skin, sore bottoms and existing redness.

Myth 5: My baby doesn’t need moisturiser lotion because they have smooth skin

A baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s fully developed skin lining. This also means that a baby’s skin loses moisture much quicker than an adult, making their skin weaker and leaving them more vulnerable to infections should their skin become damaged. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s also the body’s first line of defence from diseases and infection in the environment. I would recommend using quality oils like coconut, olive or mustard oil before bathing your baby and applying moisturiser about two to four times a day, especially if you find that your baby’s skin seems dry. This is to ensure that your baby’s skin is always hydrated and receiving the best care for their skin.


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