Vitamin E lip balm has many benefits

Benefits of Vitamin E in Lip Balms

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We all know that feeling when lips are dry, chapped and irritated. You might think you’ve paid enough attention to your lips, but really, they are more delicate than you think. Our lips have one of the thinnest layers of skin on the body, and therefore, they are more easily irritated. One of the treatments recommended by dermatologists is using a lip balm. Among the many key ingredients used in lip care products, Vitamin E is among the most popular and efficient ones. Here are the advantages of using Vitamin E on lips.


What does vitamin E lip balm do for your lips?

Vitamin E is a well-known nutrient with a good reputation when it comes to lip care. As an incredibly versatile ingredient, vitamin E brings many benefits to the lips including the following.


As an outstanding moisturiser, Vitamin E restores skin hydration, keeping it soft and supple. It is ideal for dry and cracked lips.


Evidence shows that Vitamin E boosts blood circulation and generates new skin cells, making your lips softer.


Our lips are vulnerable to environmental damage and climate change. The restorative power of Vitamin E can protect the lips by revitalising skin cells and strengthening its natural defensive barrier.


The anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin E help to soothe and heal damaged skin. Red or inflamed, sore or swollen – this could be a sign of infection.


Our lips become thinner and wrinklier as we age. Studies prove that as a powerful antioxidant, a high dose of Vitamin E can help reverse age-related skin damage caused by free radicals, including changes in skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles.


A good lip balm contains Vitamin E


DU'IT tough lips - intensive lip balm

Tough Lips 4.5g | Intensive Lip Balm


Summer is Australia’s favourite season, but it is also the most challenging one for our skin. Our body and skin lose hydration through sweating. UV rays from the sun can be so harsh on our skin, too. Our lips need something that works beyond moisturisation. A good lip balm should be able to repair and protects the lips at the same time. Therefore, Vitamin E is an ideal ingredient to be incorporated into your summer lip care routine.

Our Tough Lips intensive lip balm is one of the best lip balms made in Australia. This nourishing lip conditioner contains everything you need for the lips to stay healthy: a mix of grape seed extract, panthenol, shea butter and cocoa butter, plus a hint of beeswax, all working together to nourish and protect your lips.

With added Vitamin E in lip balm, this intensive lip balm cares for vulnerable skin and protect the lips from environmental aggressors. It is especially beneficial before and after exposure to sunlight as vitamin E can help repair sun damage.

It is one thing for your lips to feel moisturised; it is another for them to stay soft and protected for a long time. Our Tough Lips lip balm ticks both of those boxes. Its unique formulation contains dimethicone and beeswax, both clinically proven to form a non-greasy protective layer on the lips to prevent moisture loss.


Woman holding Tough lips

Tough Lips 4.5g | Intensive Lip Balm


If your lips are feeling cracked and sore, this is the perfect lip balm to repair them. Free from any irritants, Tough Lips lip balm is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Without a ton of fragrances, both women and men love this unisex lip balm. Our Tough Lips intensive lip balm is all about functionality and its price is on the affordable side too.

To get the most out of this lip balm, we recommend applying it evenly as necessary throughout the day. Don’t forget to reapply after swimming or eating. It also works perfectly as an overnight lip repair. Simply apply a generous amount before bed, and you’ll wake up to soft and healthy lips.

So if you’re still searching for a good lip balm with vitamin E to save dry, chapped lips, try our Tough Lips intensive lip balm. Make this amazing lip balm a part of your skin care regimen today at our online shop.


DU'IT tough lips Intensely moisturises, soothes and protects

DU’IT Tough Lips 4.5g

Clinically proven DU’IT Tough Lips antioxidant intensive lip balm instantly hydrates and relieves dry, chapped lips, resulting in soft, healthy-looking lips. Enriched with nourishing grape seed, vitamin e and antioxidant polyphenols, its texture instantly melts without a greasy effect and leaves your lips moisturised.

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